Once you have uploaded and processed your files in GoldFynch you can share them with opposing counsel using two different methods

1. Grant full access to the case using the 'Share Case' functionality

2. Share a specific set of files by producing them and sharing the production

Method 1: Grant full access to the case by sharing the case 

Step 1. Navigate to the case you want to share

Step 2. Click on the 'Sharing' icon in the left navigation panel to navigate to the 'Sharing' view

Step 3. Click on the 'Add User' button 

Step 4. Enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the case and click on the arrow in the screen overlay. An email notification will be sent to the email address


  • By default, the user will be granted 'Reviewer' access to the case. Learn more about user roles and permissions here
  • The newly added user will need to set up a GoldFynch account (which is free) in order to view the shared case. More information on setting up a GoldFynch account can be found here

Method 2: Share a specific set of files by sharing a production

Step 1. Select the specific files you want to share by either tagging them or creating a saved search with them

Step 2. Producing the selected files:

a. Navigate to the Production view by clicking the Production icon in the left navigation panel and click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button 

b. Enter a name for the production then click on 'OK'

c. Select the tag/saved search that was created in step 1. then click on 'OK'

d. Select the production output format required. Click here to learn more about production formats

Note: To include files in their native format, select 'Natives only' or one of the load file 'All natives' format

e. Continue with the rest of the Production Wizard


  • To omit Bates numbering from the file names select the 'Natives only' or 'PDFs only/One PDF per document' formats in Step 3 of the Production Wizard and select 'Original File names' as the file naming option in Step 9 of the Production Wizard. Learn more here
  • To avoid Bates stamping your documents set the Bates Stamp position to 'no-placement' in Step 7 of the Production Wizard
  • If there are any documents with redactions in them they will be produced as image-only

Step 3. Share the produced files:

a. Click on the 'Requested Productions' tab of the Production view and click on the '...' button against the production that was created

b. Click on the 'Share' option

c. Enter the email address of the opposing counsel, along with a password and expiry time/number of downloads if required


d. Click on the 'Share' button

Learn more about sharing productions here.