If you don't want Bates numbers to appear in your documents:

During Step 6 of the Production Wizard ("Select tag placement for production") select "no placement" in the dropdown to the right of the 'Bates Stamp' category. This will suppress any Bates numbers for appearing on the document.
Select 'no-placement' against Bates Stamp

If you want to use original file names without Bates numbering:

During Step 3 of the Production Wizard ("Production Output") select either the "PDFs only" or "Natives only" option. If the "PDFs only" option is selected then you will need to choose how to create the PDF also. In the image below the "One PDF per document" option has been selected

Then, during Step 9 ("File naming options,") select "Original file names."

Bates numbers will not appear anywhere in the produced documents. 
Note that both the above options can be used in parallel.