GoldFynch gives you the ability to easily identify all errored or unsupported files in your case and download them. In this solution, we will show you how to download errored files.

NOTE: You can similarly download all unsupported files in your case by deselecting all options other than 'Unsupported' from the Issues box in Step 3. 

To download all errored files in your case

1. Log in to the GoldFynch case you want to download the errored files from.

2. Navigate to the 'Issues' view.

Navigate to the issues view

3. Ensure that only the checkbox against 'Errored' is selected in the 'Issues' section. This will filter the files listed in the bottom half of the page and show only the errored files.

4. Make sure that all checkboxes in the 'File Types' section are checked (you can do this by clicking on the 'Select All' button under this section.)

Select only the errored files and then click on Produce as Native Production

5. Click on the 'Produce as Native Production' button.

6. Enter a name for the production in the screen overlay and click on the 'Produce' button.

Enter a name for the production and Click on Produce

7. Navigate to the 'Productions' view and click on the 'Requested Productions' tab

8. Click on the '...' button against the Production submitted in Step 6 and then click on 'Download Production'

Click on the download production option in the popup menu to download the errored files

NOTE: You can use the production log of a production you create in this manner to get a report of the errored or unsupported files in your case. The production log report will give you basic information such as file name, Bates range, file path, number of pages, and Native flag. For a more detailed log on the errored files, you can generate a report.