When you create a production and share it with an external party, the original file names are replaced with a Bates number sequence and both parties only reference the files by their Bates numbers. This makes it cumbersome to locate the original file. Production logs help you with cross-referencing files in a production when discussing it with external parties.

Accessing the production log

When you create a production set in GoldFynch, a log is created. The log is an interactive listing of all the files that are contained in the production set. The production log is formatted as a CSV and can be opened in Excel or similar software. 

To access a production log: 

Step 1. Click on the “Productions" button in the left navigation pane

Step 2. Click on the "Requested Productions" tab

Open the requested productions tab

Step 3. Click on the '...' button against the relevant production

Step 4. Click on the 'Production Log' option in the popup menu

Click on the production log option in the popup menu against the relevant production

Information in the log

Once in the production log, the listing of files is available along with:

  • Time of production
  • The path and file name information of the files on GoldFynch
  • How many pages each document has
  • The Bates Number and range of individual documents in the production
  • Whether any documents were produced natively
  • Whether any document contains redactions
  • Whether any documents from the case have been deleted in GoldFynch after they were included in the production
  • A 'Download Log' button to download the production log
    NOTE: when downloading the production log and needing to make edits, you will want to make sure to first save this file as an Excel (.xlsx) file to ensure your edits are properly saved.  This can be done by selecting the File -> Save As and then select the .xlsx file format from the drop down under save as type.   

Viewing the production log

Filtering by file name and Bates number

You can search for files in the text filter bar (shown in the image below). As you type into the bar, the production log will interactively highlight and filter files, reducing the displayed entries to names and Bates ranges of near matches to what you have typed in the filter bar.

filter files by typing into the search bar

Deleted, redacted and native items can also be filtered using the respected checkboxes:

Filter for redacted, native and deleted files

Cross-referencing files

GoldFynch also has file cross-referencing. When opening a file in the Document Viewer (the 'Docs' view), users will now be able to see all the productions in which the file is referenced. Users can also click the name of the file in the production log to open the original file in the file viewer.

Navigate to the original file from the production log

Downloading produced versions of files

If the file was included in the production with redactions, it is possible to directly download the produced version of the file with productions without having to download the entire production. To do so, click on the download icon against the respective production under the "Found in Productions" section when the file is open in the Document Viewer. Find out more here.

Viewing the produced version of the file 

To view the produced version of the file you just need to click on the name of the file in the Production log and the produced file will be loaded to the 'Produced' tab of the Document Viewer.

Note: This feature is available only for non-native productions. 

Downloading the Production Load File

You can download production load files from the Production Log tab. To do so, just click on the Download Production Load File link.

Click on link to download the production load file

Learn more about downloading production load files here.

Searching for Bates numbering from the GoldFynch search bar to find files with specific Bates numbers in productions

Apart from the Production Log screen, you can also use the Search bar (available on all screens of the application) to search for files in productions that were created in Goldfynch:

Type any portion of a Bates number into the search bar and wait for a couple of seconds. If there are any files that have matching Bates numbers, they will appear as search suggestions (similar to the production log) alongside the production they are in, and the corresponding file name in your case. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see the Bates highlighted as TC0025

Search by Bates numbers directly from the Search Bar

If you have any feedback for the GoldFynch production log feature, feel free to get in touch with us at support@goldfynch.com