Here are some examples of advanced searches performed from the 'Advanced Search' view that work with review sets, reviewed/unreviewed files, find files that are in productions, and so on. 

Each example has its search query listed alongside, and if you wish to run a similar query you can copy the query into GoldFynch's Advanced Search view to edit according to the specifics of your case by following these steps:

1. Copy and paste the search query into the search bar at the top of the screen of the GoldFynch app after opening your GoldFynch case

2. Hit the enter/return button to run the search

3. Click on the edit (pencil) icon next to the search query in the 'Search' view to edit the query. This will take you to the 'Advanced Search' view

Note: Refer to our documentation for an in-depth explanation of the GoldFynch advanced search system.

Example 1: Search for all files that were reviewed by specific users in a specific review set

1. Set the first parameter to 'review-set' its connector to 'IS' and select a review set from the drop-down value list that is populated with all review sets in the current case.

NOTE: If you want to search across multiple review sets use the connector 'IS ANY OF' instead of 'IS,' or if you want to look for files that have been reviewed in multiple review sets, select 'IS ALL OF'.

2. Click on the '+Click to add condition' text to add a new condition to the search, then set its parameter to 'reviewed-by', its connector to 'IS' for a single user, or 'IS ANY OF' if you want to search for multiple reviewers, and select a user from the dropdown value list.

Add the reviewed-by parameter and select the appropriate reviewers


  • Click on the '+Add value' button to add additional users if you selected the 'IS ANY OF' or 'IS ALL OF' connectors
  • Only users in the case who have reviewed files will be listed in the dropdown list

3. Run the search.

Example query: 

review-set = "Demo review set" AND reviewed-by IS ANY-OF (,,

Copy the above example query, paste it into your GoldFynch search bar, edit the value of the review set (the text in quotes) and the user accounts (the email addresses in brackets) to customize it according to your case, then hit the enter/return button to quickly run the search.

Example 2: Search for all unreviewed files in a group of review sets

1. Set the first parameter to 'review-set,' the connector to 'IS ANY OF' and add the required review sets using the dropdown list and the '+Add value' button

Select the IS ANY OF Operator and the different review sets

2. Add a second condition, set the parameter to 'reviewed' the connector to 'IS', and the value to 'FALSE.'

3. Run the Select the reviewed parameter and set the value to Falsesearch

Example query:

review-set IS ANY-OF ("Demo review set", "Partial review set", "Tag batch review") AND reviewed = false

Note: You can use the above example to create a new review set of all unreviewed documents. To do so, perform the search, click on the edit icon (as described at the beginning of this article), save the search, then create a new review set using the saved search.