If you have a list of search terms that you wish to search for, you can just copy-paste them into GoldFynch's advanced search system in bulk instead of having to make individual conditions for each search term.

To do so, create an advanced search (learn more about how to do so in this article.) 

  1. The default parameter will be set to "body" which will search through the body of your documents
  2. Change the second box from "CONTAINS" to "CONTAINS ANY OF"
  3. Click on the "Bulk edit values..." button
    Change the "CONTAINS" operator to "CONTAINS ANY OF"
  4. Paste the phrases in. They can be comma-separated, on new lines, or both (however no quotes are allowed in the phrases) then click on "Save"
    Paste in your values
  5. Run the search. Your final query will look something like this:
    Your final query will have all your words listed out in a single condition


  • If you wish to search through a different type of information, click on the "body" field and change it to the required parameter (You can find a list here, e.g. to search for "to" addresses of emails set it to "to.address")
  • If you want each of the files produced as results to contain all of the phrases/terms you search for, use the "CONTAINS ALL OF" operator instead of the "CONTAINS ANY OF" operator in step 2