In addition to automatic processing at no extra charge, the ability to have unlimited collaborators with no user fees, and pay-as-you-go, transparent, and prorated pricing, GoldFynch has other options available to manage your data in a fiscally responsible manner, as outlined below:

  • Deleting cases with zero files and that are no longer active. Empty cases having no data are still charged based on the case plan selected, and can be deleted if no longer needed.  You can read more about how to delete a case here
  • Downgrading your case to the right case plan when data is deleted from an active case. Downgrades are not automatically done within the application.  You can always check whether a lower case plan is available on your specific case by navigating to the Overview page and clicking the "Change" button. Find out more here

From the login page click on the "Change" button against plan

  • Reclaiming space with the Reclaim Space feature. Once the processing is complete, you may want to delete the original "container" files that continue to take up space in your case in addition to the volume of the extracted files.   Container files such as ZIP or PST no longer need to be kept once the files are extracted, and can be removed from the case by clicking on the "Reclaim..." button, which can be found on the Overview page.  You can read more about how to Reclaim Space here.

On the overview page click on "Reclaim"

  • Archiving your case. If your case is over 6 months old, you will have the option of Archiving your case. When this option is chosen the case and all associated data will be pushed into a nearline archive. The monthly cost of maintaining an archived case is 50% of its standard monthly rate, up until the case is restored.  For example, a 10GB case would be $35 per month for nearline archiving. This feature is found on the Overview page as well.  More information on Archiving your case can be found here.

On the overview page click on "Archive...""