If you are trying to download privileged files as PDFs instead of the native file format, please click here.

GoldFynch allows you to download privileged files in their native file format individually from the 'Docs' view, but this can be time-consuming if you have a large number of files to download. Instead, the fastest and easiest way to download privileged files is to use GoldFynch's production feature. Here's how to do so:

1) Ensure all of the privileged files you wish to download are tagged as "Privileged". Learn more about tagging files as privileged here and how to tag files in bulk here.

2) Click on the 'Production' button in the left pane to access the production view.

3) Click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button under the 'Production Wizard' tab.

Navigate to the productions view and click on Start Production Wizard

4) Enter a name for the production and click on the 'Next: Document Selection' button.

Enter a name for the production and click on Next

5) Check the checkbox against the privileged tag(s) associated with the documents that you'd like to download, then click on the 'Next: Production Output' button.

NOTE: You can include all files in your case by not selecting any tags or omitting specific sets of files using the 'negate' function.

6) Click on the 'Natives Only' button then click on the 'Next: Native files option' button. This is the most common use case, but you can also select PDFs only if you need to send the files to someone else outside of the GoldFynch, or simply need all files as PDFs.

Select either Natives only and click on next

7) If you selected the 'Native files' option, you will not need to do anything on this page, just click on the 'Next: Production sort order' button.
Click on Next

8) Select an option from the drop-down menu to choose a sort order for your files, click on the 'Use numerical sorting' checkbox if you want to sort files with numeric values in their names in ascending order, then click on the 'Next: Tags and custom stamp placement' button.

9) Since this production is being produced as 'Native' only, you will not be able to select tag or bates number placements. In this case, Click on the 'Next: Redaction options' button without making any changes.
Click on Ok without updating placement of tags and bates number

10) Choose the redaction options to be applied and click on the 'Next: Bates numbering option' button. Any files that have redactions will be produced as image-only 

Click on Next without making any changes to the selection

11) Click on the 'Next: File naming option' button leaving the Bates Numbering boxes blank.

Leave the Bates number fields blank and click on Next

12) Select the preferred File naming option and click on the 'Next: Finalize and Submit production' button. Since 'Native' files will not have Bates numbers, the original file names would be the best option. 

Select the original file name option and click on next

13) Review the files that you are about to produce, exclude files if required, and then click on the 'Produce' / 'Produce despite errors' button.

14) Click on the 'Requested Productions' tab at the top of the screen.

15) Click on the '...' button against the production you just made and then click on the download option in the popup menu to download the zip file containing all the files you selected using tags.

Click on the download production option in the popup menu to download all the files in one go

Note: You might have to wait for some time for the production process to be completed if you have selected a large number of files. When it is done, the 'in-progress' listed in the 'Completed' column will be replaced with the time of completion.