When does GoldFynch charge for support?

Standard support for GoldFynch is free for all accounts. However, non-standard requests or support outside of the platform will be chargeable. 

In such situations, you will be given an up-front estimate of the support time required before the commencement of the service. These will be according to the following rates:

Phone support

$150/hour in 15-minute increments. 15 minutes minimum. Phone call scheduling doesn't count towards this period.

Technical support (for paid cases only)

$150/hour in 1-hour increments. 1-hour minimum. The GoldFynch team may choose to waive this fee if the task can be completed in a very short period of time (< 5 minutes), and it is not chargeable in the case of a fault caused by the system or team. Learn how to place a Technical Support Request here.

Error diagnosis and troubleshooting

$150/hour in 1-hour increments. This includes diagnosing and attempting repairs if such are possible. E.g. assessing node block tree issues with corrupted PSTs.

Add-on services

GoldFynch also offers other add-on services at extra charge like directly sourcing data from your clients' email or Cloud storage. Find more about these services here.