If you import a production or set of files that is Bates stamped into GoldFynch, you may notice that the page count differs from the number of pages, according to the Bates numbering.

This is a common difference that can be caused by a number of scenarios. In general, it occurs either when placeholder or native-only files are ignored for the purposes of fetching a page count by GoldFynch, or when a file with a placeholder bates stamp is extracted and processed, causing it to become many pages long to be displayed by GoldFynch.

For example, an imported production may contain a native Excel spreadsheet with a single Bates number and a single placeholder TIFF image. During the import of the production, GoldFynch will discard the placeholder TIFF and instead render the spreadsheet out to a paged format for viewing (which may spread across multiple pages.) The result is that a file that was a single placeholder page in the incoming production may be many hundreds of pages once processed by GoldFynch.

NOTE: It is possible to check the number of pages across files in your GoldFynch case from the 'Overview' screen - the first screen displayed when you open a GoldFynch case.

You can check the number of pages in your case from the 'Overview' screen