GoldFynch's new Organizations service is a powerful tool designed to help manage multiple cases under a single umbrella "organization."

Some of the features it offers include:

  • A unified dashboard with information and controls for managing all cases under the organization
  • Custom branding - choose colors for your portal and upload your own logo
  • Customizable subdomain, formatted as
  • Generate invoices based on usage for bill back, or add on a flat fee
  • Manage users and user permissions
  • Data usage across all the cases under an organization

The service is currently a work in progress, and many more features are in the works! You can expect to see these features soon:

  • Monitor user activity
  • Admin functions
  • Fully-independent domain (e.g.
  • ACH billing (for US customers)
  • Choice of geolocation of cloud storage
  • Removal of GoldFynch branding 

(request early access by emailing Early access limited to Organization customers only)

Learn more about organizations and all that you can do when you create an organization here

GoldFynch Organizations Pricing

Base Price - $200 per month (prorated)

Subdomain set up fee- $75 (one time)

Subdomain monthly fee - $50 per month (prorated)

If you have any questions about GoldFynch Organizations, feel free to get in touch at