Formatting redaction boxes in your productions

If you have placed redactions on your documents (learn how to do so here) they will be applied during the production process. (Find out about the production process here.) You will be given a few redaction-formatting options in Step 7. ("Choose how redactions will behave in this production.")

Redaction mode

1. Final Mode

The full redaction process will be carried out on your files. All redaction boxes present in your produced documents will become opaque, and all text covered by the redaction boxes will be completely removed from files, becoming impossible to read or search for.

Redaction box color

If you choose the 'Final' Mode for your production, you can set the color of the opaque redaction box that is used to be either black or white with a black border.

The text covered by the black box is unsearchable and unreadable

The text covered by the white box is unsearchable and unreadable

2. Preview Mode

Selecting the 'Preview' Mode will cause redaction boxes in your produced documents to become translucent. Text in your files will stay accessible, visible, and searchable for. The redaction boxes will just denote the area that would be covered if the 'Final' Mode was selected. (This option is usually used for internal review purposes.)

Translucent white redaction preview box

Translucent black redaction preview box

If Preview Mode is selected, the warning below will be displayed:

A warning is displayed if preview mode is selected

NOTE: If you choose a native format for your production (in Step 3. Production Output of the Production Wizard) files that have redactions will be produced as image-only (Learn more about native productions here.)