Ingestion dates

What are ingestion dates?

The ingestion date of a file represents the date-time when a file begins to upload to GoldFynch.

  • In the case of files that are directly uploaded by the user, it is not related to processing queue or processing time
  • In the case of zipped or compressed files, the Ingestion Date is the time that the parent zip/container file finishing processing, i.e. when the files are recognized by the system. This may cause a visible difference from the time that a file finishes uploading, depending on how long it takes to exit the processing queue

Viewing ingestion dates of files

A file's ingestion date (or 'date ingested') can be viewed from the Document Viewer (i.e. the 'Docs' view) in the right-hand bar under the 'Dates' section

View the ingestion date of a file in the Document Viewer

Places where the Ingestion dates are used

  • Similarly to Primary dates, Ingestion dates can be used to sort and filter files in the ‘Search’ view
  • Ingestion dates can be used as a search parameter during Advanced Searches
  • They can be manually assigned as the Primary date of files

NOTE: Ingestion dates are not retroactively assigned, so not all files will have an ingestion date associated with them