GoldFynch offers different training programs and demos so that you can easily understand the workflow in GoldFynch and make optimum use of the application for your organization. The details of these are listed below:

Self-Directed Training and Certification

Cost - Free

GoldFynch offers a free introductory 101 training course covering the platform's basic functions. Find more details and sign up here.

It also offers certification for those with a firm grasp of the fundamentals of GoldFynch. It's recommended (but not necessary) that you complete the 101 training course before taking the certification test. Find out more information here.

Product Demonstration 

Duration - 45 minutes

Cost - Free

GoldFynch product demonstrations are free and will be limited to a 30-minute product demonstration using a sample GoldFynch database.


  • The instructor will give a basic review of the product
  • 15 minutes will be reserved for questions

Access to on-demand webinars (Coming Soon)

Cost - Free

GoldFynch has on-demand training videos that will cover all functionality of the product.

Bootcamp Training

Duration - 60 minutes

Cost - $150

GoldFynch boot camps are designed to use the customer's case with the intention of assisting with one specific task, such as:

  • Creating a production
  • Tagging documents
  • Generating custom control load file parameters
  • Bulk downloading production documents
  • Constructing basic searches
  • Creating review sets
  • Running deduplication

Basic Training

Duration - 90 minutes

Cost - $225

GoldFynch basic training is an instructor-led session using a GoldFynch sample case. The instructor will provide an end-to-end walkthrough of a case. which will include:

  • Importing data
  • Running deduplication
  • Setting up a review set
  • Running basic searches
  • Tagging documents
  • Running a production

Targeted Consultation

Duration - 60 minutes

Cost - $150

GoldFynch targeted consultation allows you to use your case and work with a GoldFynch instructor to discuss specifics within your case.

Note: We do not have phone support, but most queries can be answered by reaching out to with your question, and a member of our support team will assist you.