In GoldFynch, uploading files into your case is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto the upload area of the "Overview" page, or using the "Upload Files" button. However, both of these methods require you to be signed into GoldFynch, and require you to have access to the entire GoldFynch case. What if you would like to have a client upload their data into your GoldFynch case without having to grant them access to your entire case? This is where the FTP add-on service comes in.

Using the "Add-on Services" tab, you can initiate the FTP add-on service for your GoldFynch case. This add-on service does have a $100 setup fee, which includes up to 100GB of data transferred into your GoldFynch case at the time of transfer ($1 per GB over 100GB). 

Screenshot of the GoldFynch add-on services page.

Once this request is initiated, a member of our team will reach out with specific credentials to upload files to GoldFynch via FTP. Here's a guide on how to upload files via FTP, once these credentials are received: Quickstart guide: FTP uploads