While creating a production you can easily omit files from it in bulk by creating a saved search in advance, then using the 'Invert' function during the document selection process (step 2) of the Production Wizard. 

Note: The 'Invert' function takes priority over other selections made for the production. So even if a file is selected to be added to the production because of a tag or saved search you have chosen, if it is included under an 'inverted' tag or 'inverted' search it will always be omitted from the production.

To omit files in bulk from productions by using the 'Invert' function on a Saved Search

You will first need to have the appropriate saved search in your case. If you do, scroll down to the next section. If not, here's a quick look at how to save a search query

Saving a search query

1. Create a search query in the 'Advanced Search' view (learn more about creating advanced search queries here.)

Navigate to the advanced search view and create a search query

Alternatively, if you have already performed a search that is open in the 'Search' view, you can click on the pencil icon next to the search query to quickly to open it in the 'Advanced Search' view.


2. Click on the text 'Untitled, click here to rename [unsaved]'

Click on the Untitled text to enter a name

For the purpose of this solution, we've created a query to omit all emails that have the word 'confidential' in their content

3. Enter a name for the advanced search in the screen overlay that appears.

4. Click on the 'Save' button.

Click on Save

Learn more about creating and loading saved searches here.

Create the production and use the Invert function to omit the appropriate files 

1. Navigate to the 'Production' view by clicking on the icon in the left navigation panel and click on the 'Start Production Wizard' buttonNavigation to the Production view and click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button

2. Enter a name for the Production and click on the 'Ok' button
Enter a name for the production

3. Check the checkboxes against the tags/saved searches for all documents you would like to include in the production

4. Check the checkbox against the saved search with files to be omitted and check the 'Inverted' checkbox against it

Select the Saved search that you want to invert and click on the invert checkbox

5. Continue with the rest of the production wizard steps. The files that are retrieved as part of the inverted saved search will be omitted from the production, regardless of whether they have been included by other tags or saved searches. 


You can learn more about the standard production process here.

Note: You can also omit files in bulk from inverting tags as described in detail here.