This article applies to emails processed in GoldFynch from container files like MBOX or PST. 

The emails in GoldFynch are numbered in the order they are stored in the (uploaded) MBOX or PST file, which sometimes may not be in chronological order. Learn more about the sort order of files in incoming PST productions here

To ensure emails are sorted in chronological order in a production you create, use the "Oldest to newest" or "Newest to oldest" sorting orders as described below.

NOTE: The sort method in the production wizard only affects those top-level emails/families. Any attachments will always immediately follow their parent document in the Bates sequence, regardless of the selected sort order.

To set the sort order:

Once you logged in to GoldFynch, click on the Production icon from the left menu, then click on the "Start Production Wizard" button.

Step 1: Give the production a name.

Enter a name for the production and click on 'Next'

Step 2: Select the tags and saved searches you want to use for Production.

Step 3: Choose how you'd like your production to be produced.

Select the production output format

Step 4: Click "Next:Native files option"

Step 5: If you want to sort your files by alphabetical order, this is the step where you can either choose "Alphabetically by file name" or "Alphabetically by folder and file name" for Alphabetical sorting, or "Oldest to newest"  \ "Newest to oldest" for chronological sorting from the "Item Sort Order" dropdown.

Choose the item sort order from the dropdown and if you would like to use numberical sorting 

Step 6: (Optional) Check the numerical sorting checkbox if you want to sort file names with numeric values in their name in ascending order. 

For example, if there are a set of files with the names (Training_doc_1, Training _doc_2, Training_doc_3,,, Training_doc_10.... Training_doc_20 etc). When the numerical sorting is checked then they will be sorted as Training_doc_1, Training_doc_2, Training_doc_3.... Training_doc_10, etc. In case the numerical sorting checkbox is not selected then they will be sorted as Training_doc_1, Training_doc_10, Training_doc_2, Training_doc_20, Training_doc_3...., etc.  

Step 7: Click on "Next: Tags and custom stamps placement"

Continue the Production steps Step 6 to Step 10 of the Production Wizard. Make sure to review the production options in the summary step, if you wish to edit any of the options hit back, if not, click on the "Produce" button, to finish producing.