You can view single documents in GoldFynch and print them directly from the document viewer toolbar. However, if you want to print all documents in your case, you will need to produce the documents first into a single PDF file and then print the PDF file. Here's how to do so:

1. Open the case containing the documents you wish to print

2. Tag the files or create a saved search for the files you wish to print. Find out how to tag files in bulk here

NOTE: If you would like to print all the files in your case, skip this step

3. Go to the 'Productions' view by clicking on the button in the left pane

4. Click on the 'Start Production Wizard' button

Click on Start Production Wizard

5. Give the production a name then click on the 'Next: Document Selection' button

6. Click on the tag(s) or saved search you've assigned to the files you wish to print then click on the 'Next: Production Output' button 

NOTE: If you wish to print all the files in your case, do not select any tags or saved searches, and ensure to select the 'Don't exclude previously produced files' optionIf there are no tags or saved searches specified, all documents in your case will be included in the production

7. Click on the 'PDFs only' button, then the 'Single, bulk PDF' button, and then click on the 'Next: Native files option' button

8. Click on the 'Next: Production sort order' button without making any selections

Click on next without making any selection

9. Click on the 'Items Sort Order' drop-down menu and choose the sorting order that which you would like your files to be printed in. Check the Numerical sorting checkbox, if you want files that have numbers in their name to be sorted numerically rather than lexicographically. Then click on the 'Next: Tags and custom stamp placement' button


  • Child files (attachments) will be added immediately after their parent files (emails) and sorted alphabetically by their names
  • If there are any native files in your production they will be left out of the final PDF
  • The sort order preview displayed represents what the sort order will look like, but may not be the first 100 items of the productionChoose the sort order and click on Next

10. Change all drop-down menus to 'no-placement' then click on the 'Next: Redaction options' button

11. Click through the other steps of production, then review the production, resolve any issues that exists, and click on the 'Produce' button

Review the production, resolve issues and then click on the produce button

When you see this notice, you'll know your production has successfully started processing. Click on the 'Requested Productions' button:

Click on the Requested Productions tab

Wait for the production to be processed - it will have 'in-progress' against its 'Completed' field. Once the 'in-progress' text changes to the completion date, the download and production log buttons will appear and you will be able to download it.

12. Click on the '...' button against the production you want to download. 

13. Click on the 'Download' option in the popup menu to download the production. It will begin downloading it as a zip file.

Click on the download option to download the production

14. Navigate to the downloaded zip file on your desktop

15. Unzip the file. It will contain the entire production (excluding the native files, which will be in a separate folder) in a single PDF file that you can print as you would with any other PDF file. We suggest using a dedicated PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer to print the document or open the PDF file in Google Chrome for printing.