GoldFynch has a special kind of tag called a "quick tag." Quick tags are always displayed on pages where you would be able to assign or create tags - where other tags might not be. You just need to click on them once and they will be assigned, speeding up your workflow. Find out more about quick tags in GoldFynch's tag documentation.

NOTE: Quick tags have replaced GoldFynch's 'codings' system

To convert tags to quick tags:

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Tags' view by clicking the button in the left pane

Step 2.  Check an empty 'Quick Tag' checkbox against the tag you want to convert into a quick tag

Convert Tag to Quick Tags

Tip: Quick tags always have grey text/backgrounds (e.g. 'REDACT FOR DEMO', "FROM ZIPS' or 'FAMILY TAG' in the above image)

  • If the 'Quick Tag' box is checked, the tag is a quick tag. If not, it is a regular tag

  • Click on a checked checkbox to uncheck it, and convert the quick tag back to a regular tag
  • You can create a new quick tag by clicking on the '+New Tag' button to create a new tag, then checking its 'Quick Tag' box