If you are done with a case in GoldFynch and no longer wish to search, tag, review or produce, you can delete the case.

If you wish to use the case in the future, consider archiving the case instead of deleting the case. Archiving stores all the case information at a fraction of the cost of the active case. However archived cases are placed into "cold storage". It takes about 24-72 hours to place the case into an archive and retrieve it from the archive.

Deleting a case will:

  • Remove all the files in the case from the GoldFynch servers
  • Erase all associated metadata. Metadata included the file tags and redaction you created. 
  • Remove the case from any shared users account
  • Your account will no longer be charged for the case

Remember once a case is deleted, it is completely wiped off the GoldFynch system and is irrecoverable. 

To delete a case:

Step 1. Log in to your GoldFynch account. If you are already logged in, click the leave case button in the top left of the page:Click on the Leave case button at the top of the left navigation panel

Step 2. In the case listing view, Click on the trashcan icon against the case you wish to delete. A case deletion confirmation screen will appear.

Click on the delete icon

Step 3. On the case deletion confirmation screen, select a reason for deleting the case from one of the available options

Step 4. (optional) Leave any feedback if you would like to for the GoldFynch team - this will go a long way to helping us improve the product

Step 5. Type the word "DELETE" (all in upper case) into the box at the bottom of the screen

Step 6. Click on the 'Delete' button which will now have become clickable

Choose a reason for deleting the case, provide feedback, type DELETE into the box then click the delete button

This will wipe your case from the GoldFynch servers and billing will cease immediately.

Note that:

  • GoldFynch doesn't charge for accounts, which are free
  • Charges are only for cases linked to accounts, and only for the owners of an accounts
  • Billing for cases in GoldFynch is prorated, and will cease as soon as the case is deleted
  • if you wish to delete your account itself, contact GoldFynch support at support@goldfynch.com who will assist you in this