Goldfynch gives you the ability to quickly retrieve all files in your case that are of a certain file extension (e.g. all PDF files) or of a file type (e.g. all images) by running a search from the search bar. 

Some of the highlights of this quick search of file types are:

  • You can search for multiple file types or extensions just by separating them with a comma
    • e.g. image, text
  • Negated filetype and extension searches
    • "!" can be used to negate an item
    • e.g. !image would search for all documents that are NOT images

Extension Searching

This allows you to search for all files that match a particular extension. For example, you can retrieve all images that have the extension png in your case just by typing in png in the search bar.

  • Typing an extension that matches documents in your case will prompt you with extension search suggestions. In the image below we are searching for files with the extension png. In the search suggestion prompt, you can see the number of files with the png extension that are found in the case and even some files that have the png extension are listedSearching for files with the type .png

  • Searching for multiple extensions is very simple, you just need to enter the different extensions in a comma-separated list as can be seen in the image below.
    Search for files with the extensions png, jpg and txt

  • An important point that needs to be taken note of is that only extensions in the search listing that are present in the case will be listed in the search suggestions.

Filetype Searching

Goldfynch gives you the ability to perform a quick search from the search bar for file types (MIME types). A file type may include a range of different file extensions. The different file types that are supported are:

  • Text
  • Image  
  • Doc
  • Email
  • Video (although video file processing is unsupported)
  • Archive

Each of these categories also contains multiple subtypes (e.g. image contains png, jpg, gif, etc.) which can also be used to initiate a filetype search.

  • Typing a file type in the search bar will prompt you with a file type search suggestions. You can search for multiple file types by entering them in a comma-separated list as can be seen in the image below.

Searching for different file types

  • Similar to the extension searching, search suggestions for a file type will only appear if items of that file type exist in your case.
  • Finally, a mix of file types and file extensions can be used together.

Searching for files using a mix of file types and file extensions 


  • Users who wish to have further control over filetype and extension searches can now use negated search queries. By appending a "!" (read as "not") to a query, GoldFynch will suggest a search of all files excluding the one listed in the search bar. For example, a search for !text will return all files that are not texts.

Searching for documents that are not of the type text

  • This negation can be applied to both file extensions and filetypes.

Search for file types and extensions using the negated option

  • A combination of negated and normal queries is also possible with filetype and extension searches.

Searching for file types using a combination of negated and normal queries

That's it!

Also, remember that filetype search filters with items counts are visible in the righthand pane of the search results page. These filters can be applied with a simple click, these filters simplify the process of searching through large datasets.

Click here to learn more about working with your search results

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to see further filetypes added.