GoldFynch allows you to view files in their native form using the Document Viewer. This is helpful to quickly view files that you have uploaded which have not yet been fully processed, and as such do not yet have a rendered version available for viewing.

Currently, this feature is available for formats including image files, some video formats, PDFs, plain text files, and CSV files. 

Viewing native versions of files

1. Open the file you wish to view in the Document Viewer 

The document viewer will be displayed with the following additional information - 

  • In the main viewer widget, there will be two tabs - Rendered and Native
  • At the top of the right panel, there will be an information message about the file's processing state

Click on a file to open it in the document viewer
2. Click on the "Native" tab/click on the "Switch to NATIVE view" button

Switch to native view to view the document in native form

Identifying files that are still processing

To spot a file that is still processing, look for the "Processing..." text against it in the "Files" view

Or search for files that are in the "processing" state using the search term "pstate = processing"

Viewing unsupported file types

File types can be supported to be viewed as "rendered" files (once processing is complete) or in their "native" state (viewable even before they are processed) or both. For file types that are not supported to be viewed either way can still be downloaded and viewed on your computer locally using the relevant software.

e.g. In the image below the native tab for an Excel file is displayed. XLS files are supported as "rendered" files (once processing is complete) but not in their native format. If you need to get a quick view of the file's contents before processing is completed, you'd need to download it using the "Download" option and view it using Excel or a similar software.

For file types that are not supported click to download in the native tab